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‘‘I feel like it’s my final gift to her MARTHA’S TRIBUTE TO HER MUM FOR MORE KNOW & TELL GO TO

SHE’S no stranger to local audiences but Martha Wainwrightis bringing what she describes as her ‘‘most personal show’’ to Adelaide for this year’s Cabaret Festival. InCome Home To Mama, Martha honours her own mother, singer-songwriterKate McGarrigle, who died three years ago, at exactly the same time Martha gave birth to her first son,Arcangelo. ‘‘I like drawing attention to my mother and how great she was as an artist – I feel like it’s my final gift to her,’’ Martha said. ‘‘She was such an incredible supporter of mine.’’ Martha is, of course, part of the  famous Wainwright musical dynasty and recorded her mother’s final song,Proserpina, on her most recent album. ‘‘I wanted to be able to conjure her up in every way that I could and take possession of the song,’’ Martha said. ‘‘I actually recorded that song a few months after my mother’s death.’’