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Bibb possesses a warmly expressive voice and a fine sense of phrasing. He shines, too, as a guitarist with a quiet and confident approach” – Downbeat Magazine

Eric Bibb’s performance at the three day London Guitar Festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall, was rich in soulful intensity” – Clive Davis, The Times London

Bibb’s breezy, poetic blues makes for an intimate show, and his smooth laid-back style is enhanced with some neat guitar licks from Staffan Astner” – Guitar and Bass Magazine

A performance by Eric Bibb is an enriching experience – both musically and spiritually. Purveying a beautifully realised and deftly accomplished, soulful and gospel infused, folk- blues, Eric has no problem melding a traditional rootsy American style with a subtle contemporary sensibility. As one critic wrote “Eric’s singing and versatile guitar playing fuses a variety of genres to become a New World Blues”.

In duo mode for Eric will be accompanied by beautiful Swedish guitarist Staffan Astner, who is also featured on the live CD Troubadour Live! Eric performs with matchless ease and a poet’s sensibility. He has criss-crossed the world paying his dues and absorbing musical influences, picking up countless awards and nominations, and mesmerising audiences along the way. Eric Bibb serves up some powerful tunes – aimed as much at the brain as well as the heart and soul.

Eric is one of the new, young singers that has appeared on the scene that, much to my delight, has a great voice, is an excellent performer and has a great knowledge about the roots of this music“
 – Taj Mahal

Eric’s new CD “Deeper In the Well” is due for release in Australia in March.