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“The Graceless Age is extraordinary, a profound and moving meditation – the kind of album that answers questions you didn’t realise you were asking. Lyrically, though, it’s remarkable: brutal, frank and beautiful. I don’t expect to hear a better album this year.” 
***** The Guardian 

Instant Classic” UNCUT Magazine 

An artist of major stature and authority“ NME

“A genuine American masterpiece” – ***** Martin Dowsing, R2 magazine.

A true craftsman of lyrical storytelling, Southern troubadour John Murry writes beautiful and bittersweet songs that pick over the embers of his life. As he journeys from heartbreak to salvation, via arresting Americana, his stories captivate with every word.

Hailing from Tupelo Mississippi, Murry’s debut album ‘The Graceless Age’ unflinchingly exposes the personal demons that have haunted him throughout his life. The album achieved widespread acclaim, receiving five stars from both The Guardian and Mojo, and praised for its masterful lyrics and intense beauty.

John Murry’s ‘The Graceless Age’ is imbued with the ghosts of the Southern states and the personal demons that have haunted him throughout his life. He has described himself as more absorbed in the world of literature than in the day-to-day concerns of the modern world, and for good reason: he’s second cousin to William Faulkner and has spent much time with his second cousin’s work.

Murry first appeared on record in collaboration with cult Memphis folk singer Bob Frank. Their album of murder ballad duets – “World Without End” – was released in 2006 to broad critical acclaim; David Fricke (Rolling Stone) describing it as “all bullets, blades and guilt without end”.

‘The Graceless Age’ was produced in San Francisco by Murry and Tim Mooney of American Music Club, who sadly passed away in 2012 and completed with additional production with Kevin Cubbins in Memphis, TN. Murry moved to California in 2003; things went awry after a few years and his songs deal with the harsh truths of love, life and loss. His battle with addiction is memorably highlighted in the epic “Little Coloured Balloons”, recalling an overdose where he was clinically dead for several minutes. Throughout these songs in the key of heartbreak, there is nonetheless a strong and abiding sense of salvation and reconciliation. ‘The Graceless Age’ is an album that unflinchingly exposes John Murry’s dark pains and loss through songs that are translucent vessels of beauty and light.


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