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The gorgeous Lisa O’Neill has released a clip for her track ‘England Has My Man’ it on the 120 KM ferry journey across the Irish Sea and the captured imagery along the way reveals to us the real-lived physical gulf between countries and people which we may not fully appreciate when we hop onto a plane or log onto Skype.”

Focusing on those “great distances”, O’Neill remarks, “Emigration is ancient and very much alive. It has been a wondrous, fruitful, heartbreaking and lonesome reality for millions of families worldwide for centuries. It’s been a subject which has inspired countless pieces of work in Irish folklore and song, which I think is a language of its own and a medicine for the alone.”

“Everywhere I go, I meet Irish immigrants asking me ‘how their home is,’” she says. “I count myself fortunate that my work allows me to journey around the globe, to explore, meet people, soak up ideas and truths, express and return to my roots and my chosen base of Ireland.”

As for the song itself, O’Neill describes its culmination: “A wintery day in Dublin hosted the birth of this song. I think my heart had emigrated for a spell. The emigration of my imagination resulted in this — a station for the life of old feelings.”

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